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16th November 2019 Accredited Juvederm Volux Practitioner

Elaine is now qualified to administer volux fillers

Miss Sassoon has recently qualified with the Allergan Medical Institute and can offer Juvederm Volux as a dermal filler, alongside Volite.

Fillers help the signs of ageing by replacing the fat in the skin which is lost over time, the filler is delivered to key points in the face following the MD Codes. Allowing for a natural looking reconstruction of the face under the skin, drawing the skin tighter and supporting it from underneath. The looser skin is plumped up, smoothing wrinkles – a more youthful look is achieved.

What are Volux and Volite?

They are both injectable hyaluronic acid. This is the natural substance found in skin which connects and gives structure to the face. It helps to hydrate and is available in different densities. The range of Juvederm products are of varying viscosities and therefore have slightly different properties, a little like an artists pallet – different weights are more suited to for depth of wrinkles and the quality of the skin.

The MD Codes

Mauricio de Maio is a world leader in fillers and facelifts. He has created facial codes to refer to key areas of the face where the fillers make the most natural impact to very naturally restore a youthful appearance and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in a discrete way.

facelift fillers - 8 point
Key areas to restore structure to ageing skin – the MD Codes are tailored to individual needs.

The cheekbone and tear trough are key sites on the face where fillers make a big improvement. Hollowed eyes and fine lines beneath the eyes play a major role in looking old and tired. Targetting these areas can quickly change a face from tired and sagging into refreshed.

By following the MD Codes in these important areas, the structure of the whole face is improved instantly and it is here that most people need the fillers applied.

For further information, please see the Botox©, Juvederm and Restylane anti-wrinkle injections page.

The dermal filler procedure

The whole procedure takes about an hour and although the effects can usually be seen immediately, they can take a couple of weeks for the effects to develop.

After your procedure you should take it easy and not do anything that may infect the injection sites. So avoid putting anything on your face, not wearing any make-up for 12 hours.

Avoid strenuous activities, no swimming or anything that may risk infection, it’s only for a few hours. When the injection sites have healed, treat your face with care and cleanse gently.

All essential information will also be given to you when you have your appointment.

If you are ready to try dermal fillers – please contact Elaine’s secretary on 07985 184476 or email to arrange a consultation,