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14th October 2019 BAAPS press release on the BBL

brazilian butt lift safety

The Brazilian Butt Lift is very popular and has the highest death rate of all plastic surgery procedures.

The desire for a flatter stomach and more voluminous rear is driving people to surgery. The fat is removed from the tummy area or thighs and pumped into the butt.

The danger is not from the actual relocating of fat, but when injecting the fat if it gets into the blood stream via a vein it can travel to the heart or the brain, and cause an embolism

The death rate is around 1 in 3,000 patients, which is higher than any other procedure.

Last week BAAPS met to decide on an update to BBL risks. Last year they advised UK surgeons to not perform the procedure as it was too risky.

The current review of safety and risks is ongoing – they will release a statement when the formal review is completed.

Read the press release from BAAPS by clicking on the download button.