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Elaine Sassoon – top female plastic surgeon

Awarded “Plastic Surgeon of the Year – East of England 2019” (Global Health and Pharma).

Highly experienced and reputable, Elaine offers a friendly service for those wishing to build or restore confidence in their looks and appearance through plastic surgery, or non surgical procedures.

Specialising in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, Elaine has extensive experience worldwide in many fields of plastic surgery.

From first appointment to surgery, and through to recovery, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and care. Years of experience and genuine compassion make Elaine Sassoon a great choice of surgeon – as her many patients will testify.

Elaine has put a hold on cosmetic implant surgery due to the current reviews on the safety and risks of implants. Please see this link to read Elaine’s statement.

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Male specific procedures such as man boobs, or removal of an extra nipple. Aesthetic surgery can rebuild self confidence lost due to physical appearances.

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Recovery from illness can leave your body in need of attention; massive weightloss leaves excess skin, cancer can also leave it’s mark. Aesthetic surgery can mend the physical damage done by reconstructing and repairing.

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Face and skin

Includes procedures to combat ageing, moles and protruding ears using fat grafting and surgery – Elaine also offers non-surgical alternatives that can help with anti-ageing such as fillers and Botulinum Toxin.

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Plastic surgeon in Norwich and London

Elaine Sassoon is highly experienced in both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is changing aspects of the face or body to improve the appearance. Common after massive weight loss which can result in an excess of skin making the patient feeling unattractive. Aesthetic surgery also includes ‘boob jobs’ and can be either breast enlargement or reduction for no health reason, simply because the patient wants to improve on that which they already have.

Reconstructive surgery

The procedure of restoring any part of the face or body to the way it looked prior to an accident, illness or surgery. For example rebuilding breasts after mastectomies or correcting poor plastic surgery procedures.

Highly experienced

Elaine Sassoon has extensive experience in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and anti-ageing procedures, her main area of expertise is in reconstructive surgery. She is one of the few female plastic surgeons practising in the UK and offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Author of ‘Boudica Within’, some of her patients were featured in an exhibition by Keeping Abreast, a Norfolk based charity for those battling breast cancer.

Elaine also appears on ‘Botched Bodies’ on Channel 5, correcting the problems caused through cheap plastic surgery operations, as the health tourism industry attracts those seeking surgeries abroad.


Well what can I say she has changed my life , so brilliant at her job , one amazing lady…

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