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Privacy policy and terms and conditions

Thank you for taking the time to read our updated terms and conditions and privacy policy.

What data do we collect?

Contact form

We use the information you have supplied in our form, this is only used so that we can contact you regarding a procedure you have expressed interest in. We don’t ask for your whole address, just the city or town where you live.

We do not pass on your information to any other parties regardless of how appropriate or relevant their services may be to you.

Call back

If you wish to leave your name and telephone number for us to call you back during office hours, we will use the information to do just that, the information is not saved to the database.


We collect your email address where you have requested it. The email address is retained on the database for 30 days before being exported and saved in a password protected folder locally. This is then used on the occasions we send out newsletters.

Every email we send contains an unsubscribe link so you are free to leave the mailing list at any time.


Our website uses an industry standard SSL for encryption and wherever possible data transfer is also encrypted.

Once you have completed one or more of the forms, we pass that directly on to Elaine’s secretary in order for her to contact you regarding further information.  The information is retained on our database for no more than 30 days.

The information is regularly deleted, so no information is retained on the website database.

If you have any further questions please email us on info@elainesassoon.com

Updated on the 28th April 2018