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Cosmetic breast surgery

Statement from Elaine Sassoon regarding breast implants:

“At the moment there appears to be a lack of clarity regarding the safety of breast implants and the predisposing factors leading to Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.( ALCL). None of my patients have presented to me with ALCL, and I do not believe there is a need to have breast implants removed in the absence of symptoms.
On the other hand, as there are continuing discussions about safety, and France has started banning implants, I think it is wise to step away and wait for better evidence. I shall therefore stop performing new cosmetic breast augmentations as a precaution until further notice”.

Elaine Sassoon – 4th April 2019

Cosmetic breast surgery: changing the appearance of the breast for aesthetic purposes. 

Women choose to have plastic surgery performed on their breasts for a variety of reasons – they can suffer depression and low self esteem if they believe their body does not live up to expectations and their breasts are too small, or suffer pain from breasts that are too large.

Cosmetic breast surgery can make breasts symmetrical, larger, smaller or iron out imperfections.

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