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Summer’s coming – take care!

Ride-on lawnmower

After the respite that winter brings, summer is on it’s way and that means plenty of grass cutting to be done. The sweet smell of grass being cut is either a blessing or a curse depending on whether you are afflicted with hayfever, but such an innocuous job comes with a greater hazard – the mower, a source of injury to many.

Google “ride on mower accidents” and it will throw a shocking number of results back at you – even when selecting UK results only. Probably best not to click on the ‘images’ tab either, unless you have a strong stomach.

All manner of injuries feature in the casebook of mower accidents, from tips of fingers being removed to death, quite a lot of deaths – most commonly from ride on mowers rolling over, crushing the driver.

Be it a ride on mower or a regular hover mower, all machines with moving blades and/or electricity come with a health and safety risk.

This is the perfect opportunity to visit an old article – still relevant today as ever.

One man went to mow ….

Remember, it’s a jungle out there so mind those fingers, toes, children and animals! Safety first, safety last.