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8th August 2020 Latest statement from Elaine Sassoon

After careful consideration, I am not going to do any more new breast augmentations with implants.

I just no longer  feel comfortable with the concept and safety aspect of this.  I will replace old implants, and remove implants with or without mastopexies.  

It is possible with a mastopexy ( breast lift) to recruit enough tissue to augment the breast and give a nice shape, and I have become very experienced in this.

At the time of the Covid19 pandemic, we are avoiding unnecessary face to face consultations at the moment, so I am carrying out Zoom consultations under the auspices of Spire Norwich Hospital (with extra security features) in the first instance. 

I understand that by July some of the restrictions regarding face to face interactions may be relaxed. 

Please contact Sally my PA on the email:  sally@elainesassoon.com in the first instance and she will be happy to answer any further queries, or alternatively contact the Customer Services at Spire Norwich who will assist you as well.

Update: August 2020

Elaine was asked for clarification on her decision to stop breast augmentation.

My decision not to use implants is my own personal decision.

It is partly influenced by my own experience since I see a lot of tertiary referrals with problems, and partly evidence based. It relates to cosmetic augmentation only.

I will replace old implants if needed.The same implant companies make implants for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, but the shapes, profiles and sizes used will differ.In the case of reconstruction, the risk-benefit ratio differs and I would use implants (only rarely if the person has had radiotherapy and then only in conjunction with fat transfer).

However I would expect to discuss thoroughly the pros and cons and relative benefits over free flap transfer using your own tissues.In the time of Covid 19 further considerations relating to waiting times and safety arise