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Fillers and Botulinum Toxin

Non surgical alternatives to facelifts - fillers and botox

Anti-ageing treatments are becoming more available to everyone and at more numerous and convenient locations. Once upon a time facelifts were the popular way to turn back time and leave the skin tighter and more youthful in appearance, although the expertise of the surgeons varied and so did the results.

With every year that passes it becomes more obvious that such drastic measures have long term implications. Not least is the lack of longevity of those treatments. Facelifts will need to be repeated after only a few years and repeating the procedures comes at a cost, both financially and physically.

Modern treatments can restore the face to it’s younger self with the use of Botox® or fillers –  these work by either filling in the wrinkles or replacing the lost fat under the skin; the underlying cause of excess skin wrinkling up.

Anti-ageing treatments in Norwich

Elaine offers anti-ageing treatments at the Spire Hospital, Norwich and also at Ski:n on the Unthank Road in Norwich.
Please click here to learn more about fillers – they offer a non-surgical solution to wrinkles and the procedure can be performed with minimal disruption, unlike facelifts or other surgical methods.

Botulinum toxin is not limited to wrinkles or anti-ageing, it is a useful solution to many problems such as excess sweating or even migraines.

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