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Coming soon: B-Lite breast implants

B-Lite breast implants approved surgeon

From silicone to saline, breast implants come in a variety of options each offering different benefits.

Since the first silicone implant was manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation in 1962, there have been several alterations to the initial design. Each change has been to make a safer, more natural feeling breast with the desired appearance.

Breast implant evolution

The difficulties with each new generation of implant aren’t always obvious until the products have been used for years, long term studies are needed to truly ascertain the safety and longevity. The body’s reaction to a foreign body, the biodegradation of substances used to create the implant and the effects of pressure on the breast have all played their part in the evolution of the implant, these can require follow up operations to correct aesthetics as well as emergency operations when implants leak.

Natural shape of the B-Lite breast implants

Gravitational forces

The main option of silicone is still the first choice for implants but the weight is prone to the effects of gravity, assymmetric breasts are worsened over time due to the difference in weight – more force is applied to the larger breast.

An Israeli design is now bringing implants into the modern age and countering the weight problem with silicone.

Much lighter than traditional implants

B-Lite implants are lighter, 30% lighter than silicone implants. They use microspheres embedded within silicone to effectively remove some of the heavier silicone. This reduction in weight reduces the stretch on the skin and the breast. Less stretch is less sagging and may well negate the need for a follow up operation.

Implants that feel natural

They feel lighter, move more naturally and the microspheres are very strong, being fully bonded with the silicone.

Patients have the choice in which implants they opt for, the B-Lite implants are more expensive than standard implants in the first instance, but the likelihood of corrective surgery is greatly reduced offering a long term economical advantage.

Microspheres within the silicone are light and strong

Elaine Sassoon is B-Lite approved and they will be available at the Spire Hospital within weeks.

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