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23rd February 2019 Breast cancer and latest science news

breast cancer news stories

A look back over the past few months of science advances and news stories.

New ‘smart drug’ shows promise for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

The particularly aggressive form of cancer, which can be unresponsive to chemotherapy, has been targeted with a new form of treatment using a drug to “deposit a toxic payload directly to tumour cells.”

Read more in the article on the ScienceDaily.com website

The original paper was published in the New England Journal of Medicine which can be found here

A nottingham mum of three raises over £17,000 pounds for breast cancer research.

A Nottingham breast cancer survivor who had lost a friend and family members to the disease raised the incredible amount through charity balls.

The article can be read here on The Nottingham Post website.

Researchers Successfully Turn Breast Cancer Cells Into Fat to Stop Them From Spreading

At this stage it has only been carried out on mice but the results are encouraging. Metastasising cancer cells spread around the body using pathways utilised in the body to repair itself when things go wrong or get broken – cells change into stem cells and then into what is needed by the body, new skin cells, muscles, toenails. The cancer cells exploit this and change the healthy cells into cancerous cells.

By intercepting this process and delivering a diabetic drug and a cancer drug scientists have successfully converted the cells into fat and they are unable to convert back.

Read more by clicking here to visit sciencealert.com

Researchers develop non-invasive technique to detect breast cancer

” Combining microfluidic technology and diagnostics, the device was partly built using an inkjet printer. ” The device can detect breast cancer marker cells in a blood sample in 15 minutes.

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