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Botched Bodies TV program

elaine sassoon, female plastic surgeon based in Norwich

Channel 5’s ‘Botched Bodies’ focuses on people who have grossly disfigured bodies – either through poor plastic surgery operations or because of genetics and lifestyle choices. The Botched Bodies surgeons aim to correct these issues and restore confidence. The program features some of the best plastic surgeons who have to correct very poor medical procedures, reconstructing and restoring whilst overcoming the additional problems created by the previous surgeons.

Elaine has appeared on the popular TV show twice.  In series 4 episode 1 in which Elaine corrects a bad tummy tuck carried out in Prague which created many health problems as well as a plummeting self esteem. The latest series, 5 episode 2 Elaine operates on Paul, who has been left with sagging excess skin following massive weightloss.

These programs are available online and are worth a look if you are thinking about undergoing any surgery especially abroad. Surgery can be cheaper but it can go very wrong, with devastating results.