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Anti-ageing treatments in Norwich

anti-wrinkle treatments in Norwich

Looking for anti-ageing ways to fight one of the side effects of getting older and wiser? Elaine Sassoon is a Norwich based plastic surgeon who offers many non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments.

Elaine recommends fillers and fat injections over traditional surgical methods to fight ageing. Prefering to work on the underlying cause of wrinkles, the loss of subcutaneous fat, the thinning of bone and reduction in elasticity in the skin. One reason being that once you pull skin tighter on the face, time and gravity do their thing and it is not long before the procedure needs repeating.

Botox®, fillers and fat injections

The use of Botox®, fillers and fat injections build up the shape of the face. The wrinkles are filled out and a youthful appearance restored for several months up to a year.  This solution is preferred for several reasons but mainly because it’s not permanent. Even if facelift surgery goes well, the patient can become wrinkle free but almost unrecognisable.

anti-ageing treatments such as fillers can restore younger looks.

Using fillers to restore a youthful appearance

Subtle approach to anti-ageing

With women’s magazines and female sections of newspapers brimming with before and after images. Critics dissect the use of fillers, point out the tell tale signs of overuse; anyone would think it used exclusively by celebrities. Far from the truth, but by learning from the mistakes of others, the best plan of action is subtle improvements. Gentle easing out of the wrinkles for a very natural looking reversal of time. For more information on non-surgical procedures offered by Elaine Sassoon, please follow this link.

Lifestyle choices to reduce the signs of ageing

There are lifestyle choices that can delay the signs of ageing. Of course there are genetics and heredity factors that either mean you stay younger looking or age more visibly. Some of these may be out of your control but other choices may help to slow the process down.

Factors within our control:

Not smoking – the toxins in the smoke and tobacco attack from several angles, reducing the elasticity of the skin.

Eating fresh foods, green vegetables, fresh fruits – full of vitamins, iron to keep your blood oxygenated, full of water to keep your skin hydrated

Drinking water – hydrating the body has an all over effect and can keep the face looking plump.

Gentle exercise – pumping all those vitamins and iron all over the body and to the skin, flushing out toxins. Even walking can get the lymph system working.

Skincare – cleaning and moisturising – removing tiny dirt particles from the face and then hydrating, protecting and nourishing the biggest organ in the body with a moisturiser. Using sunscreen – blocking out those uv rays which penetrate deep into the skin

Getting enough sleep – giving the skin recovery time has as big an effect as it does on every other part of the body.

For men and women

Wrinkles can be an issue for both men and women, although there is less pressure on men to be youthful looking. Celebrities are put under scrutiny whatever their gender. It is quite common to see men getting treatments to lessen the effects of ageing and there is less stigma on a man opting for fillers.

anti-ageing treatments for men

Facial rejuvenation is also for men

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