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Although this anti-ageing technique is very popular, we prefer to advise our patients to consider rebuilding the fatty tissue underneath the skin.

Miss Sassoon does not perform surgical “facelifts” at all. Her argument against the facelift procedure is based on the logical reasoning that faces lose the plumpness of youth due to a reduction in fatty tissue, the face droops and merely drawing the skin tighter over the face is both costly and unnecessary – the procedure does not last and needs re-attending to after only a few years.

Fat grafting

Building up the face with fatty tissue offers a more natural return to youthful appearance rather than the rather severe method of drawing the skin tighter on the face. With fat cells surviving for 7 -10 years, this also benefits from being a more long term anti-ageing treatment.

It is not a common operation compared to surgical facelifts – the surgeon reconstructs the face from the inside out, but it does offer a natural looking solution.

This technique is not suitable for smokers.

Fillers – an alternative to surgery

A much simpler and readily available procedure is one that uses dermal fillers to plump out the face and achieves a more natural look. Non surgical and just as effective although it only lasts months.  It is non-permanent and a quick procedure with minimal risks. See non-surgical/liquid facelifts for more information.